The exponential increase of Juvenile crime during COVID-19: A study based on facts and figures

March 2022

The paper focuses on the emergence, causes, impact and the projectile of Juvenile crime activities, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Firstly from the popular narratives and media, the paper determines the characteristics of Juvenile crime in the different demographical backgrounds throughout the country. Then, focuses on the lacking of policies at the government and the grassroots level. And wraps up by suggesting some solutions to this situation, contemplating on the social dynamics, cultural background and the current national policy of the country.

Authors: This policy paper was drafted by the Youth Policy Forum Grassroot Networks under the leadership of Jawad Shams by the help of the Grassroot Policy Envoys. Ragib Anjum, Moumita Mallick, Md Johirul Islam, Mishal Shomapto, Rafia Binte Rouf alongside the Grassroot Envoys conducted a month long study based on their respective communities and previous researches to draft this policy paper.

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