Coalition for Upgrading Bangladesh Economy

Upgrading and diversification are imperative for sustainable economic growth, especially considering the goals Bangladesh has set for itself. Additionally, this significant expansion of the economy is necessary as Bangladesh needs to provide employment to 2.2 million workers that are joining the workforce every year. The private sector cannot upgrade on its own as, a) there is a lack of incentives, and b) upgrading requires heavy investments in building infrastructure and creating a skilled workforce. Thus, collective action approach is necessary to successfully make this transition from low-value to high-value manufacturing. This model requires strong coordination between multiple stakeholders. As a civil society organization, YPF can play the role of an anchor.

Through the Coalition for Upgrading Bangladesh Economy (CUBE), YPF aims to bring together stakeholders from multiple sectors to advance a common goal of economic diversification and upgrading by ensuring accountability and constantly driving and monitoring progress.


The #CUBE launching ceremony was joined by CXOs of national & multinational companies, world leading academics & researchers, top notch bureaucrats & visionary national leaders from the top political parties – all in all a crowd mixed with all stakeholders.

Notable Attendees
– Dr. Stefan Dercon, professor at the University of Oxford,
– Dr. Mashiur Rahman, Economic Affairs Advisor to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh,
– Zaved Akhtar, CEO of Unilever Bangladesh,
– Golam Murshed, CEO of WALTON,
– Dr. Mushtaq Khan, professor at SOAS University of London,
– Shirajun Noor Chowdhury, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Finance,
– Yutaka Youshino, Lead Country Economist, the World Bank,
– Nahim Razzaq, MP of Shariatpur-3 (Awami League),
– Shameem Haider Patwary, MP of Gaibandha-1 (Jatiya Patry),
– Tabith Awal, ex Mayoral candidate, BNP
– Nawshad Zamir, Int’l Secretary, BNP
– Pallavi Roy, senior lecturer at SOAS University of London
and  many more from academia, civil society, private & public sector.

CUBE objectives

To identify the challenges to upgrading

To identify the priority sectors for diversification and upgrading

To implement interventions for upgrading through collective action

To establish a body for monitoring progress for economic upgrading

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