policy advocacy

By creating a pool of young intellectual minds, the advocacy wing of YPF intends to establish a support system which will help the government, non-government and global as well as state level policy makers to formulate and adopt more inclusive policies. In order to directly impact the policy considerations of the policymakers, YPF intends to create a bridge between the Sectoral Policy Networks and concerned government bodies to instil knowledge, analysis and rationality in our decision-making


YPF is the first of its kind youth led advocacy initiative to systematically marshall the voices of the youth, nurture the ideas and connect it to the experts, professionals and decision makers. YPF’s objective is to bring back policy into politics, and the Advocacy team will initiate the process by collaborating, liasoning, associating, affiliating or partnering with different national and international pressure groups and political forces to ensure a spillover of policy knowledge in the system. The purpose of this group is to identify ways in which youth led policy advocacy can be materialised in the context of Bangladesh. 


With this end in view, we intend to initiate through a collaborative approach, by providing youth with necessary experience of working in the public and private sectors, and simultaneously, allowing parliamentarians, government bodies and organisations to seek benefit of our policy oriented research material. Our initiatives such as the YPF Governance Apprenticeship Program, year long Rohingya Project and the Anti GBV campaign all highlight a deep rooted commitment to bring a youth led change in the system.

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