YPF Global Network

YPF Global Network is the latest addition to the policy network of YPF! There are a great number of students residing outside Bangladesh for educational or professional purposes. Their interest and enthusiasm to participate in policy making through the contribution of their valuable knowledge and skills is noteworthy. Therefore, Youth Policy Forum is valuing their keen interest and initiating this platform to form an active network of global enthusiasts. Here, we will be connected through sharing our thoughts, skills, knowledge, and information. Joining in the Global Network, we will uphold the voice of Bangladeshi people beyond the frontier.

How our Global Networks will function?

– Working together with the respective coordinators of the network, the members will produce write-up, infographics, videos and other relevant contents to demonstrate their understanding of globally important topics. These will be published in the page and forum, and the best ones on our official website.
– Webinars will be held on current policy issues as a collaboration of their efforts.
– Global Network will uphold the works of YPF to the global arena which are initiated and undertaken in Bangladesh.
– Global network will support collaboration with international events where YPF is an official partner

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