Youth Policy Forum needs to expand its horizon to the grassroots level within the country. As a lower middle income country, Bangladesh has most of the population residing in the rural or urban areas outside Dhaka. Grassroots Network is actively working to expand the horizon and make the youth of rural and urban areas aware of different policy issues and enlighten them. Objectives of this network includes –

  1. To connect with the youth in peripheries of the country
  2. To enlighten them with knowledge of policy making
  3. Addressing issues of the grassroots 
  4. Working on local policy issues with the local policymakers, i.e. MPs.

No. of network members: 67

List of webinars: 3 webinars so far 

১.  গ্রাম্য সালিশঃ তত্ত্ব ও বাস্তবতা  

২.  প্রান্তিক অঞ্চলে তরুণদের সুযোগের দুষ্প্রাপ্যতা

৩.  দিরাই থেকে বলছিস উন্নয়ন পরিকল্পনা, বাস্তবায়ন ও সম্ভাবনা


1. Network launch 

2. Envoy Introduction 


Project 1: Research on Tea Worker Rights and their Socio-economic situation 

Project Brief: Tea workers of Bangladesh have been voicing their concern for their rights and wages for a long time. Though the government has increased the minimum wage threshold by a number of times, it is seen that the tea workers are not yet satisfied, let alone be pleased. Issues like these have made YPF interested to learn and understand the living conditions and demands of the tea workers of Bangladesh who are mainly hailed in the Sylhet region.

Field Visit: Not completed Yet

Status: On-going (prepared a policy brief now need fellows cooperation for final publishing)

Duration: 3 months


Project-2: Speaking from Derai: A 360-degree approach to understanding Derai and its socio-economic status 

Project Brief: Derai, one of the most underrated yet potential Upazilas in Bangladesh. From tourism to the fish industry of the country, Derai has a lot to offer. YPF Grassroots team visited Derai physically and collected data from locals where they explained their problems. Subsequently, we arranged a dialogue with the academician, national and local environment, and climate activists and identified solutions.

Field visit: Completed

Status: Completed 




Duration: 2 months


Project 3: Minority Advocacy campaign 

Project Brief: Youth Policy Forum is launching an initiative to assist the Hindu Community whose homes were attacked and looted in Naogaon, a village in Sullah Upazila of Sunamganj. This will be the first initiative from the “Minority Advocacy Campaign” that aims to engage locals, experts, and policymakers to advocate for the fundamental rights of minority communities in Bangladesh.

Field visit: Completed 

Status: Ongoing 

Duration: 6 months


Project-4: Bangladesh Speaking 

Project Brief: Youth policy Forum’s Grassroots Network is dedicated to bringing the grassroots voice into policy discourse. As a part of our mission, we have inaugurated a content series named “Bangladesh Bolchi” where our envoys from different regions of Bangladesh identifying the most crucial problems in their locality, Mapping the problem in a broader sense, scrutinizing policy gaps, and lastly recommending solutions.

Field visit: N/A

Status: Ongoing 

Duration: 3 months

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