Foreign policy Network

The YPF Foreign Policy Network is among the newest policy networks in YPF, focusing on the field of international relations. The network consisted of nearly 40 enthusiasts – both students and professionals – who dedicated themselves to producing content related to foreign policy. The primary focus of the Foreign Policy Network this year was on subcontinental affairs, consisting of researching the power dynamics of Bangladesh with the two regional powers of India and China. This resulted in a comprehensive analysis of the region’s socioeconomic power dynamics, with investigations regarding prominent regional issues such as the CAA and NRC, as well as in economic relations, such as Chinese investment in Bangladesh.


The theme of subcontinental affairs is still ongoing, extending research to political and other dimensions. Additionally, the Foreign Policy Network has also linked with YPF’s Governance Apprenticeship Program, where the network will supplant the team that is working with Member of Parliament Mr. Nahim Razzaq, who is also a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs. Going forward, the Foreign Policy Network aims to continue with relevant foreign policy research and extend such work into active recommendations that can be used for policy advocacy.


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