Infrastructure and Energy Network


YPF Infrastructure & Energy Policy Network is the newest addition YPF’s cluster of aspiring policy-thinkers/analysts which aims to bring professionals, academicians and scholars of Infrastructure. Urban planning and Energy sector in under an umbrella, where they can share their ideas on pressing issues regarding these sectors of Bangladesh. The policy network currently consists of a total of 70 members within the network. Students have the unique opportunity to engage with professionals and learn from their experiences, while professionals of the network can engage with young minds and connect with other experienced individuals as well. The network consists of fifty-nine passionate members who advocate for changes by conducting thorough research. So far, the members have collaborated with each other on one project regarding Dhaka Detailed Area Planning (DAP) and have produced articles and infographics aiming to bring awareness, facilitate discussion and disseminating knowledge among the forum members and its followers. 



Bangladesh is increasingly urbanized every moment. Due to urbanization, we enjoy a lot of blessings but along with it brings unplanned urbanization which we have little knowledge about. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, faces a lot of adversities. The newest addition to YPF’s cluster of aspiring policy-thinkers/analysts, the YPF Infrastructure and Energy Network unveils its very first project on a much-debated, yet underrated national plan- Detailed Area Plan. Aiming to provide a brief oversight into the timeline of DAP, its importance, key aims and implementation strategies, these infographics shed light on what needs to be done to ensure sustainable urbanization.

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