gender & Inclusion Network

Goals of  Gender and Inclusion network:

  • To identify the most oppressed and left behind communities in the country.

  • To raise awareness and spread information about their conditions via seminar, info-graphic, short videos,news report and elaborate research.

  • To actually research historical and systematic oppression and segregation of these communities.

  • To figure out probable solutions regarding major issues via seeking expert help as well as research from the network.

  • To actively vouch and speak for gender equality, to suggest actions and steps and also provide assistance regarding gender based violence.

  • To present all of the above via writing, info-graphics and engage in policy advocacy.


How will you be benefitted from this network?  

  • We have a pool of experts within the network to help us connect to people interested or working in this field, an exclusive mix of very interesting people. 

  • We have a mix of students and working professionals where knowledge sharing is rather easy.

  • We provide scopes for getting published in the YPF stream through your research as well as channel these to the new media outlets if approved by the Research leads.  

  • We provide guidance to research enthusiasts and help them go under the umbrella of an expert to conduct it well with full assistance from YPF.

  • LOR from the bests in each fields such as Law, Economics, Development etc can also be provided in case of phenomenal work. 


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