Aamer Ahmed
Aamer Mostaque Ahmed

Aamer Mostaque Ahmed is the Executive Director of YPF. He has six and a half years experience in the financial sector. He had the opportunity to work with big corporate houses, infrastructure projects, foreign funds and syndication financing. He is a policy enthusiast and truly believe in the need for a youth driven policy initiative. Aamer is also a thriller writer at Batighar Prokashoni.

Rosama Tasnim
Sumaiya Tasnim Rosama

Rosama Tasnim is the Chief Operating Officer of YPF. She is doing her BSS in Development Studies at University of Dhaka and is in her final semester. Rosama is passionate about Gender and Inclusion and Local Development Policies.

Shamayla Mahbub

Shamayla Mahbub is leading 9 Policy Networks of YPF, alongside the PR and Communications Department. She is a final year undergraduate student at University Of Dhaka majoring in International Relations. Fascinated about Climate Change and Globalization, she aims to have an impactful career in the development sector.

Tausif Hossain

Tausif has been a part of the YPF journey from 2018. Currently he is the Head of Strategic Planning and Organizational Development. He is a marketeer by profession and has experience in working for multinational CPG companies in different markets. He graduated from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka

Mastura Tasnim

Mastura is a Commonwealth Scholar pursuing MPP from Victoria University of Wellington and MSc (International Relations) from Nanyang Technological University. She has worked at The Daily Star, BAT Bangladesh, and SELISE. Mastura is passionate about gender equality and foreign affairs, and is also a published author.

Anika Bushra

Anika Bushra is the co-Lead of YPF Policy Networks. She is an undergraduate student at North South University, majoring in economics along with a keen interest in environmental economics. With a desire to help socioeconomically disadvantaged communities, she hopes to work towards building a society where everyone will have equal opportunities.

Farabi Mahmud

Farabi Mahmud loves to write codes and solve problems. He is doing his Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering from Texas A&M University. Currently, he is working as the lead of Technology & Big Data network of Youth Policy Forum.

Syed Tanzil Ahmed

Tanzil is YPF's Head of Advocacy. He is spearheading all of YPF's advocacy initiatives that engage policymakers and bridge them to the ideas of the youth. He is pursuing a bachelors of International Studies at SFU, and has worked as CSO of Gaze - introducing A.I to road safety in Bangladesh. As Co-Founder of the Joyodhoni Foundation, he actively works with the grassroots for social reform.

Sanjana Hoque Mifta

Sanjana Hoque Mifta is leading YPF Policy Advocacy. She is also coordinating YPF Policy Course and YPF Governance Apprenticeship Program. She has completed her LL.B. from University of Chittagong and LL.M. from South Asian University, New Delhi. Her areas of interest are foreign direct investment, international trade and access to Justice.

Shah Minhaz Noor Chowdhury

Minhaz works as a Research Lead and co-ordinates Foreign Policy Network & YPF Looking Back series. He is a final year undergrad student from Dhaka University majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies. He is fascinated by the interaction among nations and loves to explore them in all their complexities. In the future, he wants to be an International Development professional & apply the love for policy that he has found in YPF.

Zaheer Abbas

Zaheer Abbas is a high school student finishing his final year in Mahindra United World College, India. His interests in policymaking lie primarily in foreign policy, although he is also passionate towards fields such as economic planning and the environment. In his free time, Zaheer likes to write, play games, or think about dominating the world.

Hasnat Kalam Suhan

Hasnat Kalam Suhan is currently pursuing to finish his post-graduation from California State University, Sacramento. He completed his bachelor from Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST), Bangladesh. He loves reading, cookin , saving memes, and actively dissecting all the debates going on our facebook group.

Prodyut Paul

An undergraduate second-year student pursuing BBA from IBA, Rajshahi University. Prodyut is keenly interested to acquire skills both technical and human. He loves to read books and write article on different Business aspects in his leisure time

Nabila Kauser

Nabila Kauser is leading Social Impact Campaign. She's a part-qualified ACA and working in Assurance at EY London. Previously, she has worked with Grameen and BRAC, including projects with the World Bank and IDS,UK. She completed her BSc Economics from University of Warwick and has been associated with data-driven human centric design and research

Golam Mostafa Shuvo

Shuvo is a final year Law student from University of Chittagong. He is currently working as a co-lead of the Governance Apprenticeship programme at Youth Policy Forum. Shuvo is passionate about Law and Policy Analysis, Digital Wellbeing and Rights of Nature.

Aaqib Md. Shatil

Aaqib Md. Shatil is leading the YPF research on Education and Employment Network. He is a development worker interested in education, youth and skills development. Before joining the EMK Center, he worked at different projects of BRAC, UNDP and USAID.

Wahib Mohammad

Wahib is a sophomore studying BBA in Technology Mangement at Islamic University of Technology. Beside being a business student, he has a great interest in designing and always tries to learn new things about design and art. Currently he is working as the Head of Creative at Youth Policy Forum. In future, he wants to go to the creative sector.

Chowdhury Noshin Tabassum

Chowdhury Noshin Tabassum is a core team member of YPF. She is doing her Masters in International Relations at University of Dhaka. Noshin is passionate about equality and inclusion, social protection, mental health and foreign policy. She has been working with organizations that promotes rights of the vulnerable communities of the society.

Shoaib Mahmudul Hoque

Shoaib Mahmudul Hoque is jointly leading the Environment Policy Network at YPF. He is currently studying Population, Ecology and Environment at University of Dhaka. His work is focused on analyzing existing Environment and Energy policies of Bangladesh.

Farhan Uddin Ahmed

Since 2018, Farhan Uddin Ahmed has been writing. First, on personal skill development and now, on business and policy. And this passion for writing stems from his belief that information can empower and enrich oneself and the greater society. This writing career has taken him to broad roles from research, analysis to content planning & writing.

Nowshin Noor

Nowshin is currently working as the coordinator of the ‘Law and Justice Network’ of Youth Policy Forum. She is a senior student in the department of Law at the University of Dhaka. Her interest primarily focuses on humanitarian laws and human rights issues. Nowshin prefers working on the loopholes of laws on human rights issues of her country.

Sayed Mohammed Tawsif Zaman

Sayed Mohammed Tawsif Zaman is a freshman BBA student majoring in Banking and Insurance at the University of Dhaka. He has an in depth enthusiasm for policymaking and economics. He's currently working as the Deputy Lead of English Content and Editorial and is a Marketing Executive at Kludio Asia where he specializes in Content, Growth, and PR.

Enam Ahmed Shuvo

Enam Ahmed Shuvo is currently working as coordinator of Technology and Big Data Network under Technology and Innovation Team of YPF. His research interest is on emerging technology policy analysis.

Mashrefa Tarannum

Mashrefa Tarannum is a development enthusiast, currently working as an associate in YPF Bangla Editorial Team. Her interests are in the sector of climate issues, the refugee crisis, and educational policies.

Puspita Hossian

Puspita Hossain is the lead of Governance Apprenticeship program and Healthcare and Well-being policy network. She is trained as a doctor and public health researcher, and currently pursuing her PhD in McMaster University.

Mahpara Nuren Ishfer

Mahpara nuren ishfer, currently studying in 12th grade at Viqarunnisa noon college, is the leader of the YPF's social media team and is involved in other projects as well. have a strong desire to learn and improve skills. Likely to pursue a career in computer science in the future.

Mowmita Basak Mow

Co-founder, Ithiki; Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholar, University of Oxford

Aurin Hasan Nova

Aurin Hasan is a Research Associate for the YPF Economic Policy and Jobs Research Team. She is also working with the YPF Governance Apprenticeship Program. She is an undergraduate Economics student at North South University. Her interest lies in policy issues related to jobs and inclusion.

Mohammad Sifat

Mohammad Sifat is an associate of YPF Bangla Editorial team.He is a student of International Relations at University of Dhaka. Apart from studying he is working as a content developer in an anti extremist campaign 'Positive Bangladesh.

Nayeema N. Khan

I am currently studying Economics at Brac University.I am passionate about human rights, climate issues, economics and business policy. I believe that the change and good starts with ourselves first and solidarity can make a difference.I am always curious about learning and enriching my knowledge and sole heartedly believe boxing is the best sport in the planet.

Jawad Shams

Jawad Shams is keen on knowing the issues of the grassroots in order to incorporate them with the macro economics policies of the country. Besides, his enthusiasm looms over the health and well being of the people which is derived from the country's economic progress.

Samia Tahsin Hoque

An Economics major who enjoys new challenges and is passionate about creating gender-sensitive policies as a corporate cultural norm.

Adiba Tahsin

Adiba has recently finished her A levels from Manarat Dhaka International College. Adiba has contributed for research materials for COP26 under YPFGA- Tanvir shakil joy MP. She sometimes writes articles for YPF blog. She is leading Safe Migration policy network. She is also working for 8th fyp Reform Tracker.

Abrar Galib Fahad

I am a medical undergraduate at Sylhet Osmani Medical College. Passionate about healthcare and economics.

Moumita A. Mallick

Moumita A. Mallick is the co-lead of YPF's Economic Policy and Jobs Network. She is an undergraduate student at BRAC University, majoring in Economics along with a keen interest in research.

Rafid Mohammad Ishrak

Rafid Mohammad Ishrak is a Law student currently pursuing LLB from University of Chittagong. Apart from being an enthusiast in learning about Institutional systems and their functions, he has a keen eye on development policy, political economy and geopolitics. He is in YPF for more than 2 years and worked in Government Apprenticeship program and Politics and Governance team.

Redwan Uz Zaman Reham

I am a tireless learner, and a preacher of honesty and wisdom who would love to contribute to society as much as possible.

Afrina Asad

I am currently majoring in Economics at the University of Dhaka. I am passionate about social development, entrepreneurship, gender equality, and education. At YPF, I am working as the deputy lead of the Bangla Content team and the coordinator of the Safe Migration network. I hope to work in the development sector and also be an entrepreneur in the future.

Shamsujjaman Raju

I am an Econ Graduate. I have graduated from University of Chittagong. My interest lies in interrelations between environmental policy and economics.

Tahasin Tasnim Mohce

Tahasin Tasnim Mohce is a research and development enthusiast. Currently she is working as a Coordinator of Grassroots Network. She is perusing her bachelors in Department of Development Studies at Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP). Her passion looms around Development Economics, Migration and Refugee Crisis, Poverty Alleviation and Local Governance.

Aliza Mehnaz

Hailed from Bangladesh, I am an architect and researcher deeply interested in culture, craft, and community. After my graduation, I have consciously chosen my field of work to pursue diversity by exploring different contexts and architectural practices both in Bangladesh and India.

Sayma Akhter Jafrin

A resilient person with a strong growth mindset. I want to learn and develop my critical skills and contribute to the impact of the community I belong to. I am more interested in Sustainability and Circular Economical Policy development. I am an enthusiast and thrive to be the voice of change.

Ragib Anjum

Ragib Anjum is currently pursuing Bachelor's in World Religions and Culture from the University of Dhaka. Aims to become an academician and visual communication specialist. Interested in making public policies more inclusive and culturally aware. Have previously worked on 'Religion's Impact on Behaviour' and 'Cultural History of South Asia'

Junaina Nazneen

Junaina Nazneen is a high-school student studying in Lebanon. She is passionate on developing education systems and building opportunities with her knowledge on different cultures.

Sirazum Munira Raiyan

I'm pursuing my bachelor's degree in Health Economics at University of Dhaka. My main areas of interest are economics, health economics, policy, and research. For the purpose of expanding my knowledge and experience, I look for new learning possibilities. Aiming for a significant career in the health sector.

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