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Youth Policy Forum is a platform of young Bangladeshi people from all over the world who have interest in nation-building and state-crafting and want to contribute through effective policy formulation and implementation. By creating a pool of young intellectual minds, YPF intends to establish a great support system that will help the government, non-government and global as well as state-level policymakers to formulate and adopt more inclusive policies.







KEY Youth Policy forum Initiatives

Youth Policy Forum so far has taken multiple initiatives to promote and acheive different goals. Here are some of our initiatives!

Policy Advocacy

YPF’s objective is to bring back policy into politics, and the Advocacy team is initiating the process by collaborating, liasoning, associating, affiliating or partnering with different national and international pressure groups and political forces to ensure a spillover of policy knowledge in the system. The purpose of this initiative is to identify ways in which youth led policy advocacy can be materialised in the context of Bangladesh.

Policy Networks

Our policy network initiative has been created to facilitate deeper discussion of topics which fall under various policy areas. This program will encourage extensive research and reading of the members, helping them strengthen the understanding of different policy issues. Our program aims that the members will gain prowess in the fundamental concepts of their preferred policy areas, meanwhile exchanging their knowledge with others.

Annual Conference

The YPF Future of State 2020 Conference, hosted on February 7th and 8th, was the first of its kind in Bangladesh. It attempted to introduce a healthy mix of young professionals and students with the foundations of our state and how they have changed, asked them what the key challenges of today faced in different areas by the nation were according to them and gave them a space to brainstorm and offer solutions to a panel of experts, researchers and politicians and finally closed with a summary of the titular Future of the State according to the panel.

YPF Fellowship

YPF wants to bring all the talented and knowledgeable intellectual Bangladeshi minds from all over the world and unite them on a common platform so that the accumulated intelligence can collectively forecast as well as address issues and provide effective solutions along with creating a strong foundation for a strong Bangladesh. To achieve that goal, YPF is offering fellowship to extraordinary Bangladeshi individuals who are contributing significantly in their respective roles and fields.

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