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Since its inception, Youth Policy Forum has been working with the aspiration of understanding policies better  for a greater future. We believe knowledge is integral to growth and development. One of our key goals is to transform the youth of Bangladesh into skilled, knowledgeable individuals. Our young population has already proven their dedication and drive to improve the condition of our state and our citizens. Given the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills, we believe our youth can lead us to a better, prosperous and equitable future. With this view,  YPF has introduced Policy Courses. This segment will offer courses in various fields and be conducted by field experts. Students will have the opportunity to get certification upon completion of course requirements. 

The very first Public Policy course was launched on 12 th September, 2020  with an inaugural  lecture from Muaz Jalil on Basics of 3P.  The course has been designed to acquire insightful perceptions on policy  from top academics  & professionals of the world. The response from the  lecture has led to a current participation of 100 registered enthusiasts . The course offers both certification & non-certification facilities. To ensure engagement from around the country, the course also offered quota for participants outside the capital. Acknowledging  the network  issues, YPF has provided the potential candidates with necessary internet facilities as well.

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Course Content

Topic Questions Answered
Politics, Philosophy and Political philosophy
What is covered under the umbrella of Political Philosophy.
How is different from other topics such as Politics or Political Science, International Relationships?
Key concepts State of Nature, State, Nation States
Why do we need to have a state?
Are Nation and State similar?
Key Philosophers: Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau
Who are the dominant thinkers in the field and how their views affect the way we interpret the world?
Different Schools of Thoughts
What are the Realist, Liberals, Constructivist school of thoughts?
What are major schools of thoughts in political philosophy

Course Instructors


Muaz Jalil, who has over 13 years of international/national experience working in market system projects as a key member of the implementation team, consultant and as Head of the M&E. Muaz received his MA in Economics from the University of British Columbia. Following this, he undertook training on Randomized control trial at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. In 2013-14, he completed his MPhil in Development Studies from the University of Cambridge (King’s College).


Mowmita Basak, A social entrepreneur; and international development and public policy specialist with more than 8 years of experience in the non-profit and International development sectors; managing grants, implementing and monitoring successful projects, and leading policy initiatives with international recognition for successful non-profit management.

Lecture Videos

In this section you will see the videos of the lectures that we had arranged so far.

lecture 1: Basics of 3p
lecture 1: Basics of 3p
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