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‘Community and Collaboration’ is one of the core values of YPF. We believe that progress happens when people and organizations work together towards shared goals. And with this belief, from the very beginning YPF has worked to create an ecosystem to promote growth, development, and equality of opportunities. We have received support from multiple organizations in this endeavor, for which we are incredibly grateful to them. We hope to continue on this path of shared responsibility and progress.

  1. The 2020 Budget Dialogue
  1. The 2020 Budget Dialogue
  2. Webinar: “Trade and Investment Post Covid-19”
    1. Responsible Citizenship Project

      This project which is a culmination of partnership discussions with UNDP consists of a literature review on responsible citizenship, 2 youth insight and 2 expert panels along with assorted communication videos and graphics, and will culminate the findings in one policy brief for advocacy.

      Episode 01: Youth Insight: শিক্ষা, সহিংষুতা, সহমর্মিতায় হয়ে উঠি দায়িত্বশীল নাগরিক
      Moderated by: Aaqib Md. Shatil
  1. Children and Youth in Climate Change and Post COVID-19 Recovery Phases
  1. Children and Youth in Climate Change and Post COVID-19 Recovery Phases
  1. International Youth Day- “Youth Engagement For Global Action”
  1. Impact of Social Media on Mental Health

To mark the World Youth Skills Day 2021, the United Nations Development Programme, Grameenphone Ltd and Youth Policy Forum have jointly organised a virtual consultation on Need for Skills in post Covid-era.

Thirty youths from 18 districts of Bangladesh took part in the dialogue held on the 14th of July, 2021. The consultation was a part of UNDP and Grameenphone ‘Get Future Ready’ programme to observe this year’s Skills Day. The panel consisted of Marilin Farzana Ahmed, YPF Senior Fellow, Farhana Islam, Head of Innovation, Grameenphone Ltd., Ashekur Rahman, Assistant Resident Representative of UNDP Bangladesh, and Mahmudul Hassan, Programme Officer and Youth Coordinator, UNDP Bangladesh. Click here to watch the event.

Media Coverage:

Collaborations on COVID-19 Update and Response

  1. Stories of COVID-19 Stigma
  2. E-booklet: TeleMedicine Support for Pregnant Women during COVID-19 Pandemic.
  1. Stories of COVID-19 Stigma
  2. Webinar: Launching E-booklet- TeleMedicine Support for Pregnant Women during COVID-19 Pandemic.
  3. Webinar: Fighting Coronavirus Taboo
  1. COVID- 19 Response
  1. Webinar: New Frontiers in Research- Genome Sequencing, Vaccination and Data-based Health Surveillance
  2. Webinar: প্রত্যাশা কি পূরণ করতে পেরেছে করোনাকালের বাজেট?
  1. Responsible Citizenship Project
  1.  Webinar: “Targeting COVID-19 relief payments in Bangladesh”


  1. Fundraiser for People with Disability
  1. Fundraising for Flood Victims- Bangladesh Flood Relief 2020: Call for Action.

Media and pr partnerships

  1. News Publication
  1. Talking Policies
  2. Road to Reforms
  3. Budget Dialogue
  1. News Articles
  1. Rethining FDI
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