Technology & big data network

Technology and Big Data Network consists of nearly 70 members who are passionate about everything related to technology and Big Data. To facilitate the discussion, they hold monthly virtual meetings where they share their ideas and decide on a topic they want to work on. The team has previously arranged a webinar on ‘ Verifiable National ID: Impact on E-Healthcare’ where the members gave a presentation for the invited experts, followed by an insightful discussion on the advantages of verifiable national ID on e-healthcare. 

The network is currently facilitating in the research of Anti Gender Based Violence project of YPF in data scraping, analyzing, experimenting with the hypothesis testing and visualizing the content for the general audience as well as for the research community. 

They have also recently collaborated with the International BlockChain Olympiad. The network will nominate university students from all across the world to become campus ambassadors for BlockChain Olympiad. 

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