anti gender based violence campaign


Bring together various state and non-state stakeholders to build a consensus and develop robust, data-driven set of policies to ensure our State Laws on Gender-Based Violence are in-line with International Human Rights Standards

  • Legal Reform: Character Evidence in Focus. Collaborate with member of Parliament, Lawyers and Activists to advocate and repeal 155(4) and amend Section 146, Section 53A and 146(3) with an extension of the provision of Section 14 of the Women and Children Repression Prevention Act, 2000. (Details can be found in the publication below).
  • Data Analytics: Data-Driven Policy making and Insights. We have a cleansed dataset of approx. 4,000 newspaper reports on rape cases between 2014-2020. The team is conducting an in-depth analysis of factors that may affect # of rape cases reported in a region. This is to prepare policy paper for parliament and study the biasedness between media and actual reporting
  • Social Reform: Raising awareness at Grassroots Level. We are collaborating with Naripokkho for content and coordinating with Joyodhoni and YPF Grassroot Network’s vast network of volunteers to get the message across through social media, grassroots campaigns,Pilot: Sunamganj
  • Institutional Reform: Sensitization of Law Enforcement. Details to be released later


Nahim Razzaq, MP

Member of Parliament of Bangladesh Awami League

Joyodhoni Foundation

The Joyodhoni Foundation finds its roots in the battle against a pandemic that shook the world. The emergence of a voice for the people at times of crisis. A Cry for Help into a Cry of Victory.

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Naripokkho (NP) is a membership-based, women's activist organisation working for the advancement of women’s rights and entitlements and building resistance against violence, discrimination and injustice founded in 1983


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