YPF Fellowship RecruitmenT FAQ

The idea of an egalitarian Bangladesh also coincides with the idea of a strong Bangladesh on the global stage. Accordingly, YPF wants to play its role as a facilitator and a guide in order to properly equip the country both in the foreign and domestic front to face, deal and confront new and continuously evolving challenges. By contributing in the effective policy making, YPF intends to bring a glorious future for the country. In this regard, YPF wants to bring all the talented and knowledgeable intellectual Bangladeshi minds from all over the world and unite them on a common platform so that the accumulated intelligence can collectively forecast as well as address issues and provide effective solutions along with creating a strong foundation for  a strong Bangladesh. To achieve that goal, YPF is offering fellowship to extraordinary Bangladeshi individuals who are contributing significantly in their respective roles and fields. This initiative will, in turn, create a prestigious as well as locally, regionally and globally influential body under the banner of YPF.

  1. YPF will offer access to its cross-disciplinary network of experts, professionals and students as well as the Fellows. YPF has been able to create strong Goodwill and accumulate formidable levels of resources along with influence in a very short time. The Fellows will have access to resources of YPF.
  2. The Fellows will be provided with the opportunity to shape innovative and effective work carried out by groups of bright young students and/or professionals who will be working with academics, CSOs, businesses, NGOs, politicians, policymakers, and government bodies. By doing so, the Fellows will be able to nurture talented protégées who, in turn, will be able to make significant contributions on the global stage.
  3. Given that YPF has the capacity and resources, we offer the opportunity for Fellows to be a part of YPF and undertake projects of interest in collaboration with YPF.
  1. YPF expects support and guidance from the fellows in regards to respective networks and teams carrying out research, documentation and creating dialogue within the relevant scope. YPF hopes and believes that the experience, caliber, and knowledge of the Fellows will be able to bring significant achievements through YPF. We expect our fellows to give two hours each month.
  2. YPF is a platform that has heavily invested in knowledge-sharing, collaborative learning and evidence-based discourse. As such, the platform may at times request the fellows to take sessions for the YPF core team as well as for the broader group.
  3. When YPF undertakes relevant projects, the fellows will be invited to get involved in a more direct manner. Fellows can advise and guide teams consisting of young students and professionals willing to do groundbreaking works. YPF looks forward to project recommendations that are feasible with its team, resources and networks.

Anyone who has work experience of more than 5 years in any of the policy areas mentioned in the application form or holds a Doctoral degree can apply to be a fellow.

Anyone with more than 15 years of work experience (or a Phd+10 years of work experience) can apply to be a senior fellow

Our Fellows are an integral part of YPF and they guide and mentor the 12 Policy Network of ours. Our policy network initiative has been created to facilitate deeper discussion of topics that fall under various policy areas. This program encourages the members to get involved in extensive research and reading, helping them to strengthen their understanding of different policy issues. Our program aims that the members will gain prowess in the fundamental concepts of their preferred policy areas while exchanging their knowledge with others. Currently, we have 12 networks among which 4 are specialized networks-

• Education & Employment Policy
• Economic and Jobs Policy
• Environment and Climate Change Policy
• Foreign Policy
•Gender & Inclusion Policy
• Healthcare Policy
• Energy and Infrastructure Policy
• Law, Rights & Justice Policy
• Technology & Big Data Policy

Specialized Networks

• Civil Servants
• Journalism
• Grassroots
• Local Development Initiative

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