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The Governance Apprenticeship program is a four-month long program facilitated by Youth Policy Forum. It allows youth to engage as mentees with policymakers involved in a variety of policy fields in Bangladesh, in an effort to instill the voice of young people in decision making. Governance Apprentices are tasked with assisting their mentors with policy support, through multi-sectoral research and recommendations. 

Policymakers associated with YPF’s Governance Apprenticeship program work across different fields ranging from economic planning to foreign affairs, and represent a wide range of Bangladeshi political parties. Consequently, the type of work that Governance Apprenticeships receive is varied and based upon the mentor in question. Possible examples of work are mentioned below:

  • Conducting literature reviews and other secondary research
  • Collecting and analyzing primary or secondary data for the mentor
  • Preparing talking points, briefs, interview questions and reports
  • Managing collected data (interviews/focused group discussions) for the policymaker
  • Corresponding regularly via email and text with the policymaker and other partners
  • Attending regular meetings with other governance apprentices in the same team
  • Completion of the policy course curriculum meant to build capacity for apprentices
  • Submit Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) data as required

Being an apprentice of the “YPF Governance Apprenticeship” program brings bundled benefits for the long term that would boost an apprentice’s career path with flair. Completing an apprenticeship program from YPF would make your career profile stronger, giving you an added advantage over fellow students. Governance apprenticeships gain the following “soft” benefits:

  • Gaining various skills such as research, communications with public & private sector entities, and understanding the policymaking process
  • Opportunity to liaise and engage with experienced policymaking mentors
  • Prospects of actively contributing in the decision-making process by providing input

At the same time, after completion of the apprenticeship, the candidate will receive the following valuable documents as their lifetime assets: 

  • Certificate of Apprenticeship Completion issued by Youth Policy Forum (YPF) with its official seal
  • Performance card signed by the mentor
  • Reference letter of Mentor with the letterhead of YPF
  • Awards/Recognition/Medal – to encourage apprentices to perform with the best of their efforts & skills, we will recognize outstanding apprentices and acknowledge their performance

In order to be a Governance Apprentice, it is necessary that you possess a certain educational qualification and series of skills, particularly the ones mentioned below:

  • A Candidate must be enrolled/passed in any stream of Higher Secondary/ Bachelor’s/Master’s/Doctoral Program in a recognized University/school situated anywhere in the world
  • Competence in both Bangla and English
  • Critical/analytical reasoning skills
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience in research – particularly with literature, reports, and government website/other sources
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) as well as Google Suite (Sheets, Docs and Forms)

Application Deadline: 15th June, 2021.

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