Leadership lessons for generations to come: Mujibnagar Government of 1971

Youth Policy Forum hosted its 2nd episode of ‘YPF Looking Back’ — a series centered around a policy-based analysis of Bangladeshi and global history — on “Leadership lessons from our Wartime Government”

When the Pakistani military cracked down on Bengalis and arrested their Father of the Nation, Bengalis put forward a courageous resistance. But to carry out Bangabandhu’s visions, consolidate war efforts, and gain international support, it was paramount to form a legitimate government.

On April 17, 1971, on the soil of Baidyanath Tala of Meherpur district, (later renamed as Mujibnagar) the provisional government of Bangladesh took oath as the legitimate government body representing the people of Bangladesh. During the nine months of the Liberation War, it was the leadership of this body that guided us towards the path of freedom.

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