Situation analysis report on the Primary and Secondary Education (2011-2020)

January 2023

Bangladesh in 2010, adopted a National Education Policy with 30 aims and objectives that included stimulating the intellectual and practical qualities of the learners, fostering creative and thinking faculties among the learners, removing socio-economic discrimination irrespective of race, religion, and creed, eradicating gender disparity, creating unhindered and equal opportunities of education for all, attaching substantial importance to information and communication technology (ICT) along with Maths, Science and English, ensuring the education of the physically and mentally challenged learners, and ensuring efficient and correct teaching of Bangla language.

On the tenth anniversary of the adoption of the policy, the Youth Policy Forum undertook an initiative in July 2021 to look into the progress of certain areas of education. This situation analysis study is the result of the year-long effort of the young policy entrepreneurs. We have reviewed the findings of the studies by the Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics (BANBEIS), Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education, Directorate of Primary Education, and Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE) to understand and analyze the situation of the Primary and Secondary education of Bangladesh.

About the Authors: Aaqib Md Shatil is the lead of Education and Employment Policy Network at Youth Policy Forum. He was assisted by Subah Binte Ahsan, Deputy Lead of Education and Employment Policy Network; Anika Bushra, Coordinator of Education and Employment Policy Network and policy associates, Nousin Faria Trisha and Mashrif Hasan Adib.

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