YPF Budget 2020 Dialogue: Politicians Panel

June 5th proved to be consequential for Youth Policy Forum (YPF) Budget 2020 Dialogue, with their second last panel bringing together leading politicians of varying party affiliations to discuss the recommendations put forward by expert and student-led panels in prior sessions.

The esteemed panel consisted of Waseqa Ayesha Khan, MP of Bangladesh Awami League; Barrister Shameem Haider Patwary, MP of Jatiya Party; Tabith Awal, Central Committee Member of Bangladesh Nationalist Party; Barrister Shah Ali Farhad, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister and Zonayed Saki, Chief Coordinator of Ganosamhati Andolon, while Aamer Mostaque Ahmed, writer at Batighar Prokashoni, moderated the session.

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