YPF dialogue emphasises the need for a shock-responsive social safety net system

Youth Policy Forum (YPF) has been organising a series of webinars to analyse Bangladesh’s upcoming national budget with field experts and policy teams.

After hosting their first and second webinar exploring Bangladesh’s Healthcare system and Agriculture sector, YPF held a third budget dialogue webinar on May 27, which focused on the Social Protection (SP) system of Bangladesh.

Panelists for the budget dialogue included Dr Aslam Alam, former secretary of Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief (MoDMR); Dr Imran Matin, executive director of BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD); Sabhanaz Rashid Diya, former fellow at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and Mostafa Amir Sabbih, senior researcher of Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), with the session being moderated by Shawkat Ali, research analyst at World Bank.

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