YPF Road to Reform: Youth consultation on foreign policy

Youth Policy Forum (YPF) recently launched its flagship series “Road to Reforms” with a focus on preparing a youth-led reform matrix for a paradigm shift in Bangladesh. This year-long programme was initiated with YPF”s ambitious dialogue on foreign policy reform in Bangladesh.

YPF hosted a “Youth Consultation: Foreign Policy” session on 15 July 2020, which is the first episode of the series ‘Road to Reforms’. In this session, young policy enthusiasts were able to join the dialogue to appraise the transformations they wish to see in foreign policy and express their ideas of reform to the world along with the distinguished panelists. Inclusivity, community, and collaborative learning are at the heart of YPF, which paved the way for the dialogue. Shahed Aziz, International Affairs Practitioner along with Rezwanul Haque Masud, Researcher and Lecturer, Department of International Relations, University of Dhaka joined as panelists.

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