First Week of August – YPF Bangladesh this Week

Timeframe: 31st July – 6th August 2021

Zaima Nuzhat, Sayed Mohammed Tawsif Zaman, and Sayere Nazabi Sayem.

1. Economy

Inward remittance flow drops significantly in July

From $2.6 billion in the last fiscal year, this year the amount was 1.87 billion. Even in the last month, June 2021, the amount was $1.94 billion. In one month the amount was 3% less.

Source: The Financial Express

2. Trade & Business

The price of petroleum products will not hike in domestic market

Although the international market has seen a price hike, the domestic market will not raise the price. This will lead to an incurring loss of the state-run petroleum corporation.

Source: The Financial Express

3. Sports

Bangladesh secure their first series win against Australia

Bangladesh created history when they won the third T20I by 10 runs, taking an unassailable lead and sealing their first-ever series win over Australia in Dhaka on Friday, 6 August.

The hosts held their nerves and bowled superbly on a sluggish wicket, restricting Australia to 117/4 in a low-scoring thriller. The victory has helped them gain a 3-0 lead in the five-match series. This is also their first series win over the visitors across formats.

Source: ICC

4. Agriculture

Bangladesh to receive first-ever consignment of maize from India

This consignment is sourced from the farms of Burigaon of Darrang District in Assam. Though the initial order is for 50 tonnes of Maize, NERAMAC expects that this is only the beginning for them to export varied Agri-Horti produces of North East India to newer markets.

Source: The Business standard

5. Expert Opinion

We need safety net for garment workers

The underlying issue here is that there is a lack of social security system for the workers employed in the Bangladesh apparel industry. Unlike in other countries, there is no government furlough for months on end, no large redundancy pay-outs, and no guarantee of long-term social security payments. This means that when an economic shock hits, the only thing workers often have left to rely on is their (usually meagre) savings.

Source: The Daily Star

6. National News

Bangladesh government suggests World Bank make arrangements for the repatriation of Rohingya

The government will not permit them flexible movement and education and job facilities. The world bank has reviewed the refugee policy framework and is financing $590 as a grant for refugees until their safe return. However, the government is in talks with world leaders and the UN to quickly return the refugees to Myanmar.

Source: The Daily Star

7. Achievements of Bangladeshis

Scientist of BINA, Dr Shamsun Naha , accoladed with IAEA awards

Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture is a research organization operating under the agriculture ministry. Working as a Chief Scientific Officer for BINA, Dr. Shamsun Nahar has greatly supported the organization with plant mutation breeding and biotechnology knowledge. She will be honored with the award in September at the IAEA conference.

Source: Dhaka Tribune

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