Timeframe: 18th September – 24th September 2021

Contributors: Sad Ebne Walid, Zaima Nuzhat, Sayere Nazabi Sayem, aand Tawsif Zaman

1. Economy

Govt mulls tougher penalty for e-commerce frauds

The government is going to amend the Money Laundering Act and the Digital Security Act to ensure tough punishment to Evaly, Eorange, Dhamaka Shopping, and others who have swindled crores of taka out of customers with unreal offers on products.


2. Trade & Business

Dollar gets pricier on rising imports

High import expenditure coupled with low remittance inflow has pushed up the price of the US dollar against the local currency both in the banking channel and the open market, putting the foreign exchange market under pressure. The cash US dollar rate increased by Tk0.30 to Tk0.40 over the past week and is currently trading at nearly Tk88.


3. Sports

Bangladesh seeking to co-host the T20 World Cup with Srilanka

To host an ODI World Cup, at least 10 venues are required and the number is eight when it comes to the T20 World Cup. So, Bangladesh is contemplating a joint bid for a World Cup with Sri Lanka


4. Technology & Science

Bangabandhu Innovation Grant 2021″ reality show launched with 65 startups

The iDEA project of the ICT Division has organized the “Bangabandhu Innovation Grant (BIG) 2021” or simply “BIG 2021” in the birth centenary of the Father of the Nation “Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.” This reality show aims to find innovations or innovative startups through the participation of local and foreign startups


5. Agriculture

Young farmer wows all with Middle Eastern date cultivation

Rubel started searching articles and videos on date farming on the Internet, particularly the Saudi ones, and shared his idea with his father. His father promised to help him in every way.

Later, he started collecting date seeds from his relatives living in Saudi Arabia. In 2017, Rubel brought 1.5 bighas of land under date palm cultivation with 830 saplings


6. Expert Opinion

Counselling for public bus drivers, helpers

How many drivers of the country’s public buses have the minimum training?

The answer in short is, no specific number is available. What is confirmed is that most of the drivers don’t have the necessary training on traffic rules and regulations, road safety measures and passenger care. Different media reports that at least one-third of the bus drivers in Dhaka don’t have a valid driving licence. Even those who have, mostly managed those through dubious channels.


7. National News

Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics to develop a database for the citizens by providing a unique 16-digit identification number

The database is on the National Population Register to keep permanent records of demographic and biometric data. Privacy issues and the deadline of the project were discussed at the planning ministry in a workshop arranged by BBS. This database will support the government and other stakeholders in identifying individuals with name, date, and place of birth, sex, education, contacts, NID, and religion. It is economically efficient to serve the purpose of social, administrative, and legal services.


8. Achievements of Bangladesh

Pinu Rahman becomes the second Bangladeshi photographer to receive an award at the Paris Prix De La Photographie 2021 competition under the ‘The State of World’ segment.

His photo story, Lost Childhood, was among the 30 photo stories that were displayed in the exhibition out of all the 350 submissions. Pinu has been invited to attend the 7-day long exhibition to be held at Espace Beaurepaire Art Gallery in Paris city on October 25 where the awarded photos will be showcased. Pinu’s earlier achievements include Best of Nation awards at the World Photographic Cup 2019, 20 national and international awards, and published works in daily newspapers i.e. The Daily Star, Dhaka Tribune, etc.


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