Week 21 of 2022 – YPF Around the Globe (English)

Timeframe: May 21 to May 27, 2022

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1. Politics

Imran Khan gives 6 days to Pakistan govt for announcing polls

After a massive show of strength, which held Pakistani cities under siege until Thursday morning as Imran Khan’s Azadi march reached the capital Islamabad in the early hours of Thursday, former prime minister Imran Khan warned that if election dates are not announced within six days, he will again come to Islamabad.

Source: Hindustan Times

2. Economics & Business

Indonesia ends export ban on palm oil

Indonesia has reversed a ban on exports of palm oil, bringing relief to international buyers and Indonesian farmers after protests against the export ban took place earlier this week.

Source: DW News

The chief of the world bank warns about a global recession

The price hike as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine can cause a global recession. Additionally, the lockdown implemented by China to curb the spread of coronavirus has further exacerbated the slowdown of the economy. As a result, the world bank reduced its global economic growth forecast for 2022 by 3.2%.

Source: BBC

A post-Pandemic slump? Goldman boss says that the US is likely to fall into a recession, whille China’s pushes out a $5 trillion stimulus as zero-Covid hurts its manufacturers

Goldman Sachs Senior Chairman Lloyd Blankfein urged companies and consumers to gird for a US recession, saying it’s a “very, very high risk.” While US tech stocks take a beating, China plans to bolster growth as Covid outbreaks and lockdowns crush activity. This year the PRC government will see a whopping $5.3 trillion pumped into its economy. The figure equates to roughly a third of China’s $17 trillion economy but is actually smaller than the stimulus in 2020 when the pandemic first hit.

Source: Bloomberg, Bloomberg

3. Global Health News

WHO expects more cases of monkeypox to emerge globally

Monkeypox was endemic to Africa but reported in other parts of the world. Monkeypox spreads through close contact so it can be contained through self-isolation and hygiene. Additionally, WHO officials mentioned that the disease entered the population in a sexual form and is spreading as a sexually transmitted disease.

Source: Reuters

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