The idea of an egalitarian Bangladesh also coincides with the idea of a strong Bangladesh on the global stage. Accordingly, YPF wants to play its role as a facilitator and a guide in order to properly equip the country both in the foreign and domestic front to face, deal and confront new and continuously evolving challenges. By contributing in the effective policy making, YPF intends to bring a glorious future for the country. In this regard, YPF wants to bring all the talented and knowledgeable intellectual Bangladeshi minds from all over the world and unite them on a common platform so that the accumulated intelligence can collectively forecast as well as address issues and provide effective solutions along with creating a strong foundation for a strong Bangladesh. To achieve that goal, YPF is offering fellowship to extraordinary Bangladeshi individuals who are contributing significantly in their respective roles and fields. This initiative will, in turn, create a prestigious as well as locally, regionally and globally influential body under the banner of YPF.


Owasim Akram

Ageing, Extreme Poverty &

Zeeshan Abedin

Agricultural Economics &
Evidence Based Policy

Marzia Tabassum

Business & Finance

Al Mamun Ansar

Business & Finance

Muhammed Asif Khan

Business & Entrepreneurship

Shafiqul Alam

Clean & Renewable Energy

Khan Muhammad Saqiful Alam

Data Strategy & Futures Thinking

Tausif Ishtiaque

Digital Economy

Insia Ishtiaq

Digital Education

Afsana Sadiq Atuly

Education & Early Childhood Development

Palki Ahmad

Education & Employment

Muktak Ibn Ayub

Education & Skills

Reyasat Chowdhury

Entrepreneurship &
Private Sector Development

Rumman R Kalam

Equality of Opportunities & Futures Thinking

Sirazoom Munira Silvy

Environment & Climate Change

Tanvir Ahmed Haroon

Environment & Climate Change

Kayenat Kabir

Food Security, Climate Change
Inclusive Growth

Sandeep Chulani

Foreign Policy

Shakil Ahmed

Futures Thinking

Paromita Islam

Gender & Inclusion

Nashirul Haque

Gender & Inclusion

Karol Karpinski

Global Public Policy

Shuhan Rizwan

History & Literature

Md Mahbub Hossain

Healthcare & Well-being

Mohib Nirob

Healthcare & Well-being

Md Marufur Rahman

Healthcare & Well-being

Rifaiyat Mahbub

Healthcare & Well-being

M Tasdik Hasan

Healthcare & Well-being

Shanta Tawhida

Inclusion & Equality

Emerald Upoma Baidya

Infrastructure & Local Development

Mohammad Taufiqul Islam

Infrastructure & Planning

Galib Ibn Anwarul Azim

Jobs & Economic Policy

Sadia Priyanka

Jobs & Economic Policy

Zahedul Amin

Jobs & Economic Policy

Zyma Islam

Journalism & Human Rights

AHM Mustafizur Rahman

Journalism & Media

Morshed Hassib Hasan

Journalism & Media

Mosabber Hossain

Journalism & Media

Kazi Tuney Zinnat

Law & Criminal Justice

Hamidul Faysal

Law & Entrepreneurship

Arpeeta Shams Mizan

Law, Rights & Justice

Farhaan Ahmed

Law, Rights & Justice

Taqbir Huda

Law, Rights & Justice

Brian Wong

Politics & Governance

Mohammed Abdul Baten

Politics & Governance

Sultan Mohammed Zakaria

Politics & Governance

Nazmul Hasan

Politics & Governance

Ashfaqul Chowdhury

Poverty & Agriculture

Shafqat Shafiq

Poverty and Big Data

Towheed Elahi

Public Sector & Local Development

Nawra Mehrin

Public Sector & Good Governance

Khandakar Mushfiqur Rahman

Public Sector & Sustainable
Development Goals

Shamima Akter Jahan Popy

Refugee Response & Public Sector

Ahsan Habib Bhuiyan

Social Welfare

Christabel Randolph

Regulatory Environment & Corporate Affairs

Kashfia Nehrin

Sustainability & Innovation

Sheikh Minhaj Hossain

Sports & Youth

Mohammad Arbaaz Nayeem

Sustainable Energy & Infrastructure

Khalid Jawed

Technology, Artificial
Intelligence & Society

Nazmus Saquib

Technology, Artificial
Intelligence & Society

Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed

Technology, Artificial
Intelligence & Society

Arif Iqbal

Technology & Industrial Policy

Khan MK

Jobs & Futures Thinking

Jewel Sarkar

Law, Rights and Justice

Faryana Rafiq
Ayreen Khan
Rafeya Azad
Razwan Nabin
Faisal Adnan
Atia Sultana Neela
Razwan Nabin
Faisal Adnan
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