Week 12 of 2021 – YPF Around the Globe

Timeframe: 27th March-2nd April 2021

Sabyasachi Karmaker, Musarrat Sarwar Chowdhury and Mahin Abrar Rahman.

1. Economics & Business

Apple to build battery-based Solar Energy storage project in California

Apple Inc. announced on Wednesday (31st March, 2021) that it will build a battery-based renewable energy storage facility in Central California, close to a solar energy installation that already supplies energy to all of the company’s California locations. According to Apple, the project would store 240MWhr of electricity, which is enough to power over 7,000 homes for a day.

Source: Yahoo Finance

2. Politics

More than 40 children killed by military in Myanmar coup, rights group says

At least 43 children have been killed by armed forces in Myanmar since February’s military coup, according to rights organisation Save the Children. The group said the South East Asian country was in a “nightmare situation”, with the youngest known victim just six years old. A local monitoring group puts the overall death toll at 536. Moreover, the UN’s envoy to Myanmar has warned of the risk of an “imminent bloodbath” as the crackdown intensifies. The warning follows a flare-up in fighting between the army and ethnic minority militia in border areas.

Source: BBC

3. Significant Corona Update

More than 60,000 people in Brazil died of Covid-19 in March

Brazil’s health service has been pushed to the brink as cases of the virus continue to climb. In fact, around 66,570 people in Brazil died of Covid-19 in March, more than double the previous monthly record.

Source: BBC

4. Science & Technology

Microsoft $22 Billion U.S. Army deal for HoloLens advances

The multibillion-dollar agreement between Microsoft and the US Army to develop customized models of its HoloLens goggles is going forward, one year after the Senate proposed freezing half of the contract. According to Microsoft, the contract, which was first revealed three years ago, is now worth up to $21.9 billion over ten years. The agreement is for a five-year period, with the option to extend it for another five years.

Source: CNN

5. RMG/ Agriculture

Investors urge Europe to prioritise climate in agriculture reform

A $2 trillion group of investors on Monday urged the European Commission to be more ambitious in its planned overhaul of the bloc’s huge farming subsidy programme to fight climate change and protect biodiversity. Ahead of a meeting of agriculture ministers from European Union countries on Monday, the group said proposed reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy needed to go much further to align with the EU target to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Source: Reuters

6. Social and Education

New police bodycam footage shows George Floyd pleading with officers

A Minneapolis court has been shown a new police bodycam footage where police officer Derek Chauvin is seen with his knee on Mr Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes, and Mr Floyd begging not to be harmed. However, Chauvin, 45, still denies charges of murder and manslaughter.

Source: BBC

7. Environment

Traffic in Suez Canal resumes after stranded ship refloated

Shipping was on the move again late on Monday (29th March, 2021) in Egypt’s Suez Canal after tugs refloated a giant container ship (the 400-meter-long Ever Given), ending the six-day blockage. A total of 422 vessels, from containerships to oil tankers, were waiting to pass through the canal, which is one of the world’s busiest maritime lanes and shortest regular sea route between Europe and Asia.

Source: Nikkei

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