Week 14 of 2021 – YPF Around the Globe

Timeframe: 10th April-16th April 2021

Sabyasachi Karmaker, Musarrat Sarwar Chowdhury and Mahin Abrar Rahman.

1. Economics & Business

Walmart to convert most U.S. part-time store workers to full-time

Walmart expects that two-thirds of its U.S. hourly store roles will be full-time with consistent schedules from week to week by January 31, 2022, as the retailer looks to retain workers.

Source: Reuters

2. Politics

U.S. imposes wide array of sanctions on Russia for ‘malign’ actions

The United States on Thursday imposed a broad array of sanctions on Russia to punish it for alleged interference in U.S. elections, cyber-hacking, bullying Ukraine and other “malign” acts. The measures blacklisted Russian companies, expelled Russian diplomats and placed limits on the Russian sovereign debt market in steps sure to anger Moscow.

Source: Reuters

3. Significant Corona Update

In world first, Denmark ditches AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 shot

Denmark on Wednesday became the first country to stop using AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine altogether over a potential link to a rare but serious form of blood clot.

Source: Reuters

4. Science & Technology

Windows 10’s Timeline feature is going away

Microsoft announced that Windows 10 is officially losing its once-ambitious Timeline feature, which was designed to make switching between different devices simpler for users, allowing them to easily migrate from a Windows 10 PC to an Android or iOS phone and back.

Source: The Verge

5. RMG/ Agriculture

Indian farmers vow to carry on months-long protest despite concerns over coronavirus

Thousands of Indian farmers, protesting over three new agricultural laws that they say threaten their livelihoods, have vowed to continue with their around-the-clock sit-ins despite a sharp rise in coronavirus cases in the country.
Farmers from Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh states in the north and the desert state of Rajasthan have camped on major national highways for more than four months, demanding a repeal of the laws even as coronavirus infections hit record levels.

Source: Reuters

6. Social and Education

Minnesota officer faces manslaughter charge over shooting of Black man

The white suburban police officer who fatally shot a young Black motorist during a traffic stop in Minnesota, igniting several nights of civil unrest, was charged with manslaughter on Wednesday, a day after the officer turned in her badge.

Source: Reuters

7. Environment

EU to borrow around 150 billion euros annually for recovery fund

According to a document from the European Commission, the EU intends to borrow about 150 billion euros annually until 2026 to fund the bloc’s unprecedented strategy to make its economy greener and more digital, making it the largest debt issuer in euros.

Source: Reuters

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