Week 08 of 2021 – YPF Around the Globe

Timeframe: 26th February-4th March 2021

Oishee Eerada Maudud, Sabyasachi Karamker, Shanjida Hossain, and Shahnila Chowdhury.

1. Economics & Business

Chancellor Rishi Sunak warns about tax rises following spending spree

Rishi Sunak has warned that a spending spree to support workers and spur investment will precede tax rises in 2021. The UK’s rapid Covid-19 vaccine rollout is expected to help the economy recover six months sooner than previously expected. Official forecasts expect growth to reach 4 percent this year, while an extension of the furlough scheme will limit job losses.

Source: BBC

2. Politics

Security tight at U.S. Capitol after police warn of a possible militia attack

Security has been tightened around the U.S. Capitol in Washington – scene of a deadly assault in January – after police warned that a militia group might try to attack it on Thursday, an important day in the calendar for some pro-Trump conspiracy theorists.

Source: Reuters

3. Significant Corona Update

Updated coronavirus vaccines can be fast-tracked like flu jabs

New Covid vaccines to fight variants like the one from Brazil can be fast-tracked through the approval system, says the UK’s regulator the MHRA. Current vaccines may not work as well against some variants and scientists are working on updating them now. But manufacturers will not need to seek brand new approval or do lengthy clinical studies. However they will need proof that the shots trigger protective antibodies in the blood.

Source: BBC

4. Science & Technology

UK starts probe on Apple over alleged app store monopoly

Following concerns that Apple Inc’s terms and conditions for app developers are unreasonable and anti-competitive, the UK’s competition regulator announced on Thursday that it has launched an investigation into the company.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said the investigation would look into whether Apple has a monopoly in the distribution of apps on its devices in the UK.

Source: MSN

SpaceX starship rocket explodes after landing

On Wednesday (March 03, 2021), SpaceX launched another high-altitude flight of Starship, a massive next-generation spacecraft that Elon Musk, the private rocket company’s founder and CEO, hopes to send to Mars. It landed safely and intact, but minutes later, it exploded in another fiery blast.

Source: BBC

5. RMG/ Agriculture

World food price index rises in February for ninth month running: FAO

World food prices rose for a ninth consecutive month in February, hitting their highest level since July 2014, led by jumps in sugar and vegetable oils, the United Nations food agency said on Thursday.

Source: Reuters

6. Social and Education

Amazon employee sues the company, alleging racial discrimination and unequal pay

An Amazon employee filed a lawsuit Monday accusing the tech giant of deliberately paying her and other Black employees less than their White counterparts, becoming the latest on a growing list of current and former Amazon workers to accuse the company of systemic racism.

7. Environment

UNESCO reveals largest carbon stores found in Australian World Heritage Sites

According to a recent UN study co-authored by an ECU marine science specialist, Australia’s marine World Heritage Sites are among the world’s largest carbon dioxide stores.

Source: Science Daily

7,000 earthquakes rattle Iceland in a week

As per the Icelandic Meteorological Office, nearly 17,000 earthquakes have struck the southwestern region of Reykjanes over the last week.

The largest of them all was the one that was recorded on February 24 morning. The 5.6 magnitude earthquake was felt in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital as well as large areas of western Iceland. On February 27 and March 1, two more earthquakes with magnitudes greater than 5.0 were reported.

Source: CNN

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