Week 29 of 2022 – YPF Around the Globe (English)

Timeframe: July 16 to July 22, 2022

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1. Politics

UK election brings in the most diverse set of candidates for the first time in its history

The list of candidates for the UK Prime Minister election this term is quite diversified with four women, and four men from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Former Prime Minister Cameron exhibited his brilliant pursuance by making the choice of such a diverse panel of candidates. He wanted to make the party representative of a modern Britain that showcases itself.

The labor party has shown one step-forward thinking than the conservative with this move, and it is not limited to choosing its Prime Minister only. A record number of 41 black, Asian, and minority ethnic Labour MPs were elected in 2019, and there are now more female Labour MPs than men for the first time.

It indicates that, long since its inferior history of exclusion, colonization, and oppression, the country is trying to be more representative of every citizen valuing every background.

Source: BBC

US navy penetrated again in Taiwan Strait

On Tuesday, a US Navy warship sailed through the Taiwan Strait for the third time in a week. The strait is a 180-kilometer-wide that separates Taiwan, a democratic self-governing island, from mainland China.

Although China’s ruling Communist Party has never controlled Taiwan, Beijing claims sovereignty over the island and considers the strait to be part of its “internal waters.” but the USA claims that as international territory.

Source: CNN

2. Economics & Business

Sri Lanka’s tea industry in crisis

Sri Lanka’s famous tea industry is threatened by the recent unprecedented economic crisis. Tea is the island’s most valuable export good, bringing in more than $1 billion per year. Most of Sri Lanka’s tea is grown by smaller farmers, who cultivate it on small-scale farms.

But they are facing many challenges like fertilizer crises. Last year, the government decided to prohibit the use of chemical fertilizers.

Now there rises a question of survival of the Lankan tea industry.

Source: BBC

3.  Science & Technology


Hailing from Britain, Faradair is currently planning to manufacture and release a hybrid-electric passenger plane targeted at the domestic aviation sector. This 19-seater state-of-the-art aircraft boasts to have fewer parts than its standard propeller aircraft counterpart and will be powered by an electric motor with an additional gas engine to generate the necessary electricity.

This aircraft promises to have lower operating costs and noise levels. In addition to lowering plane fares, Faradair claims it will need a smaller runway for liftoff.

The company plans to release the bird in the sky by 2025 and be available for public use by 2027. If all goes well this technology might very well be the future of aviation.

Source: BBC

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